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A Game in Disguise – Jigsaw Ransomware

Jigsaw is insidious ransomware that came into existence in 2016. It appears as if Jigsaw cybercriminals are colossal fans of Saw franchise. If you’ve ever watched Billy the Puppet movie, then you must be familiar with the face of the iconic character. Isn’t this bizarre? They send a note that might shudder you. They try to fright gullible victims by saying, every hour files will be deleted, and after 72 hours all the files that are left will also be deleted. In the note, they demand the ransom payment in bitcoins stating ‘Please send 150 American Dollars’. Initially, this ransomware was known as Bitcoin Blackmailer and later due to featuring an image of Billy the Puppet, it then emanated to be known as Jigsaw. It becomes indispensable to download a reliable and trusted anti ransomware software that will serve as first-line protection from ransomware threats before entering your system.

Jigsaw cybercriminals encrypt the files, and until the ransom fee is paid, they steadily keep on deleting the files. Till now, it is unclear how Jigsaw ransomware is infiltrated. If you see the scary image and the note on your computer screen, it means your computer has been encrypted. Until you pay the ransom fee, they won’t give the access back. It comes with a countdown timer, and the person gets petrified when the clock starts ticking. They make you feel anxious and scare you that aftermaths will be more destructive. On the first day of encryption, they will delete the few files every hour, and on the second day, they will remove thousands of files until the ransom fee is paid. If you try to tamper with the ransomware or even if you decide to reboot your infected computer, they will give you punishment for this deed. In retribution, they delete 1000 of files. Jigsaw cybercriminals are gutsy, and they are not like other cybercriminals who only threaten to deletes files. But in reality, they indeed carry out the threat. Sometimes they start the note with ‘I want to play a game with you, and let me explain the rules to you’.  After mentioning the conditions, at last, they say ‘Now, let’s start and enjoy our little game together’. It shows the 60-minutes timer until the next file deletion. When the timer reaches 0, they delete some of the files. They guarantee that within the minute of receiving the payment they will send the decryption key. Before the timer ends, gullible victim entails taking instantaneous action.

How to decrypt the Jigsaw Ransomware:

To safeguard yourself from malicious ransomware firstly terminate the firefox.exe and drpbx.exe processes in Task Manager. Then run MS Configuration and after that, disable the startup entry called firefox.exe. Download the Jigsaw Decryptor and then double-click on the JigSawDecypter.exe file to launch the program and to decrypt the files click on the Decrypt My Files button. These steps are not adequate in protecting you from the cybercriminals’ nefarious intentions. It is better to get acquainted with remedial action to remain secure from the raging ransomware. The software will be quick and effective in detecting and removing malevolent ransomware. If your system performance is declining, there can be several reasons accountable for the slow-down of the PC. Instead of looking for quick fixes, download a computer cleaner software. It removes redundant files, system cache and frees up disk space which boosts your computer performance. Getting it installed in your system, guarantees a flawless work experience.


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